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Nadezhda Vasilyevna Vedrova

Member since February 07, 2019

Interior designer Since childhood dreamed of becoming an artist. After the art school in Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, entered the college at the porcelain Factory named after Gardner (Moscow region) and acquired a profession. Qualification of the manufacturer of artistic ceramic products, specialization: painter. Higher art education in the profession designer of interior and equipment, Nadezhda re-ceived in Siberia. Diploma of the art faculty of the Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute, specialization «Interiors and equipment». Additional education from the German designers have got in Moscow. Certificate Intrieur, Farbe & Stil. The advanced training course by Bernhard & Natalija Zimmerman. The advanced training course by Alexander Leopold, a leading designer of Grohe. Since 2008 Nadezhda Vedrova is an individual entrepreneur and owner of her own design studio «COLOUR & STYLE». The main directions of Nadezhda Vedrova’s interior design studio, services for interior de-sign, residential and public. Support of the design project, from development to creation of au-thor's elements of furniture and decor. Stylistically not limited. Repeated finalist and winner of international contests. In 2015 in Krasnoyarsk the annual award in the field of interior design «Design concept – 2016» took place. Finalist in the nomination: kitchen hood. The winner (first place) of the V International festival of furniture and objects of an interi-or, held in the Interior Gallery «Twinstor» in Moscow in 2016. First place in the Third annual contest «Best works of 2016» in the nomination «Industrial design» «Kitchen hood». International Association of Designers VATIKAM. First place, winner of the contest «Furniture of a new generation», 2017, International As-sociation of Designers VATIKAM. First place, winner of the contest «Interior for an office» nomination «3D visualization», 2017, International Association of Designers VATIKAM. According to the results of the international award ADD AWARDS 2017 in the main nomination «Retail + business interiors» the project of an office «FLIGHT TO SUCCESS» or «FLIGHT of FANTASY» entered the top five projects according to the high jury with score of 8.17 points in the main nomination. And also the project entered three special nominations of the award. In 2018, the Project of a hood «MATRONA» was highly appreciated by the jury and awarded the diploma and the gold medal in the object design nomination in the international contest UNICA Design Days for designers and architects at the international exhibition complex «Novosibirsk Expocentre». In 2018 winning in the fourth annual contest of the International Association VATIKAM «Best works of 2017». First place in the nomination «FURNITURE». Second place in the nomi-nation «Interior Design». Second place in the nomination «Decorative and applied arts». Participant of the International festival RECYCLING ART FESTIVAL in Krasnoyarsk. Creation of the art-object «Scarlet flower». Every year visits, and also participates in interior and architectural exhibitions. Attends and conducts lectures and master classes on interior design. There are publications in newspapers and magazines. Personal website Creating «interiors with soul» and working for pleasure, Nadezhda Vedrova’s interior de-sign studio aimed for the main goal in design – is to make customers’ dreams come true!

Надежда Ведрова — VATIKAM

Красноярск/Железногорск/Дизайн студия Надежды Ведровой

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